ETC Solar Manifold

ETC Solar Manifold Gives perfect hot water output due to exact Square Meter Collector Area as per defined absorber area parameters compared to Solar Tubes Directly inserted in Tank Systems. ETC manifold solar water heaters are ideal for places which require hot water in quantities like hostels, hotels, industries, apartments, hospitals, community halls etc.


MANIFOLD Specifications

Parameter Specifications
Manifold inner tank material & thickness Galvanised Iron (GI) – 2.5 mm thickness with anticorrosive coating.
Manifold insulation material & thickness Thermal grade Poly Urethane Foam (PUF) of 30 Kg/ meter cube or higher density Thickness of PUF Insulation – 35mm
Manifold outer cladding material & thickness Galvanised Iron (GI) – 0.5 mm Powder Coated
Manifold and Glass Tube Support Stand Mild Steel (MS) angle powder coated with size 30mmX30mmX3mm OR Galvanised Iron (GI) – 1.5 mm Powder Coated
Tube Bottom End Support material Galvanised Iron (GI) – 0.8 mm Powder Coated
Tube Gasket Material Silicon Ring
Dust cover ring for tubes material UV stabilized PVC Black Ring
Tube resting caps UV stabilized Poly Propylene plastic material Black round shape